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Membership Benefits of The American Ceramic Society

insights from industryEileen De Guire
Director of Technical Content and Communications
The American Ceramic Society

In this interview, AZoM talks to Eileen De Guire, director of technical content and communications at The American Ceramic Society, about the resources The American Ceramic Society offers its members.

The American Ceramic Society (ACerS) has a diverse membership. Tell us about the segment of members who work in industry.

Nearly half of our members work in the manufacturing side of the ceramic and glass industry. These include business leaders; company presidents and CEOs; engineers; plant operators; supervisors; R&D scientists, engineers, and technicians; quality control personnel; and sales and marketing professionals. There are also many large Corporate Partner companies—manufacturers and suppliers to the ceramic manufacturing industry.

What types of resources does the Society offer to these members?

ACerS offers a number of resources to help its manufacturing members stay current in their industry, connect and collaborate with each other, market their products and services, and provide continuing education for their employees. We host 6–10 events every year, including technical conferences, local Section meetings, and our industry’s trade show, Ceramics Expo. These events provide opportunities for them to network and stay abreast of the latest technologies and manufacturing processes as well as current research that is ready for the market.

Connect, network, and collaborate

When someone in the manufacturing industry joins ACerS, they have the opportunity to join our Manufacturing Division, one of 11 communities that represent specific disciplines of traditional and advanced ceramics. ACerS organizes events and conferences to bring these manufacturers and suppliers together. We partner with Smarter Shows to organize the annual Ceramics Expo, and on September 29 we are hosting our Virtual Ceramic Manufacturing Solutions Conference, a one-day virtual conference that will cover topics including testing, quality, health, and safety, ceramic processing, and raw materials.

ACerS Corporate Partners discuss benefits of membership

Tell us about the continuing education opportunities for manufacturers.

We are currently creating a series of online courses designed to meet the continuing education needs of people already working in the industry. The courses are for those who would like to enhance their ceramic manufacturing knowledge or for manufacturers to provide training to their employees. Students can take the courses live online or watch the recordings at a later time. Right now we offer three courses: Introduction to Ceramic Science, Technology, and Manufacturing; Ceramic Manufacturing Technology; and Drying of Ceramics. We are also developing courses on refractories, firing, glazing, and industrial glass melting. The refractories course will be offered in November 2020, and the other courses will roll out in 2021.

Besides the conferences and continuing education, what else do you offer members to keep up to date with the latest research and trends in the industry?

ACerS publishes a weekly industry magazine-newsletter, Ceramic & Glass Manufacturing, for members to stay up to date on the latest industry news—company news, plant upgrades, mergers and acquisitions, market trends, and more. In addition, we publish a quarterly magazine, also called Ceramic & Glass Manufacturing. Articles focus on the urgent issues around ceramic manufacturing, such as conducting business in a global environment, safe manufacturing in pandemic situations, and workforce development.

Any other ACerS resources and opportunities for ceramic and glass manufacturers? 

Yes! Our annual buyer’s guide, ceramicSOURCE, is the industry’s #1 resource for buyers to locate materials, equipment, additives, lab services, or other supplies from more than 500 global suppliers. We print an updated edition every year in the December ACerS Bulletin, and it is available all year online.

Finally, ACerS Corporate Partner Program offers businesses a way to put their companies in front of a global network of ceramic and glass professionals. Corporate partners get access to the member directory; marketing, advertising, and sponsorship opportunities; online course discounts; product discounts; and more. There are three levels of Corporate Partner membership.

To learn more about The American Ceramic Society’s upcoming Virtual Ceramic Manufacturing Solutions Conference, visit this link.

About Eileen De Guire

Eileen De GuireEileen De Guire is director of technical content and communications at The American Ceramic Society, where she manages ACerS journal and magazine publishing businesses, workforce development programs, and the Society’s communication activities. She is editor of the ACerS Bulletin, Ceramic & Glass Manufacturing, and Ceramic Tech Today; and host of ACerS new podcast, Ceramic Tech Chat.

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