The Nanoform® X Small Frame Diamond Turning Lathe

The Nanoform® X small frame diamond turning lathe, available from Precitech, is designed for optimum productivity and ease of use in ultra precise diamond turning, grinding, and milling of mold inserts, mirrors, optical lenses and precision mechanical components.

The Nanoform® X can be assembled from 2 to 4 axis to deliver freeform, aspherical and spherical surfaces with diameter up to 440mm.

Key Features

The main features of the Nanoform® X small frame diamond turning lathe include:

  • Unique inner compartment design enhances Swarf containment
  • Fully-opening upper enclosure and lower work envespe enables easier access for setup and cleanup
  • HS 150 workholding spindle provides for 5x enhancement in thermal stability
  • Operator console improvements lead to greater ease of use
  • Innovative suite of productivity tools minimizes part and tool setup time
  • Industry leading surface finish less than 1nm Ra
  • Dual-frame design with TMC MaxDamp® isolation reduces sensitivity to vibration

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