The Freeform MGG - Microgroove Generator

Precitech offers the advanced Freeform MGG microgroove generator that has been specifically developed to machine grooves on freeform and flat surfaces. It comes with ultra precision milling configurations and can be used in a variety of freeform grooving applications.

Key Features

  • Simple and easy tool path programming
  • Unique machine configurations enable excellent application flexibility
  • Integrated TMC MaxDamp® isolation system reduces sensitivity to vibration
  • Maximum usability
  • Reduced sensitivity to thermal variations due to excellent thermal management of on-machine heat sources
  • Functional ergonomic console
  • User-friendly UPx machine control
  • Built-in diagnostic tools improve productivity
  • Performance of end products is improves by keeping groove depth variability to below 3µm


  • Automotive reflectors
  • Retroreflective film molds street signs
  • Highly reflective clothing
  • LED lighting applications: Light bending, filtering, focusing, enhancing, color shifting
  • Other freeform grooving applications

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