On Machine Camera Options for Diamond Turning

When optimizing the productivity of ultra-precise machining systems the most important factor to consider is the machine uptime.

Significant lengths of downtime cost productivity, with the biggest cause of downtime being the measurement of set-up components using off-machine metrology. Using an on-machine solution, such as Precitech’s Horizontal Optical Tool Setter, can remove 30 minutes of unproductive time.

Key Benefits

  • Large reduction in the time required to measure tool sets
  • The measurements provided are relative, i.e. independent of kinematic mount accuracy
  • Lower chance of operator error
  • Off-line metrology systems remain available for final measurements
  • Based on established technology


On Machine Camera Options for Diamond Turning

On screen reports, “Zero to Cursor Distance” = 1/2 the required tool height adjustment
On screen reports, “X Offset” value automatically updated in to tool table
The industry standard method for tool setting with offline metrology, demonstrates the capabiilty to set tools using on-machine metrology to under 0.5 µm. Measurements done on a Zygo® Verifire™ interferometer.

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