The Nanoform® Drum Roll Lathe 1400 Ultra Precision Machining System from Precitech

The Nanoform® drum roll lathe 1400 ultra precision machining system, available from Precitech, is a large capacity multi-axis system suitable for diamond turning of optical microstructures on drum roll surfaces.

Key Features

The main features of the Nanoform® Drum Roll Lathe 1400 Ultra Precision Machining System include:

  • QNX® real time Operating System with 1.0nm programming resolution delivers advanced programming capabilities
  • Hydrostatic oil bearing slideways made in-house with symmetrical linear motor placement
  • Self leveling isolation system reduces vibration pressures during machine operation
  • Linear motor driven, hydrostatic oil bearing slideways with excellent stiffness characteristics for high performance
  • Heavy-duty, oil bearing spindle with internal motor and encoder. 500rpm maximum
  • 10nm feedback resolution for exact position and velocity control
  • Sealed natural granite base provides better long-term machine tool stability
  • Optional B and C rotational axes and Fast Tool Servo System for sophisticated capabilities
  • Remote jog pendant
  • Spray mist system
  • UPx machine controller

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