The Planoform® 650 Ultra Precision Diamond Flycutting System

The Precitech Planoform® 650 ultra precision diamond flycutting system is a heavy-duty machine intended for diamond flycutting of plano optical surfaces in non-ferrous materials where flatness and optical quality surface characteristics are required.

The system includes hydrostatic oil bearing slideways with enhanced stiffness and damping characteristics, liquid cooled slides for thermal stability as well as motorized air bearing spindles.

Key Features

The main features of the Planoform® 650 ultra precision diamond flycutting system include:

  • QNx® real-time Operating System for superior programming capability
  • Traversing axis is a linear motor driven, hydrostatic oil bearing slideway with optimized stiffness characteristics
  • Sealed natural granite base provides excellent long-term machine tool stability
  • High performance HD-160 spindle with thermal stability characteristics
  • Ball screw-driven positioning axis with a mechanical roller bearing design
  • Self leveling dual-chamber isolation system
  • Standard tilt-head adjustment for manufacturing cylindrical C02 laser optics
  • Air temperature control system
  • Digital readout of heel angle
  • Custom designed flycutting wheels
  • Chip extraction
  • On-machine metrology system
  • Electronic gage amplifier
  • General purpose vacuum chucks
  • Thermal enclosure
  • On-machine gage & amplifier
  • Tip/Tilt work holding table
  • Spray mist coolant system

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