Minimized Sensitivity to Thermal Fluctuations

The DRL2000/1600 from Precitech is an advanced system for drum roll diamond turning, linear ruling and flycutting.

The system can be used to produce either linear structures, for light bending and LED applications, or pyramidal structures, which exhibit high retroreflection for street signs and reflective clothing.

Key Benefits

  • Vibration sensitivity is minimized using an integrated isolation system – TMC MaxDamp®
  • Surface finish and cylindricity specifications, from Precitech, are provided to optimize end product performance
  • An intuitive and easy-to-use tool path programming system facilitates easy operation, including an ergonomic console and UPx control
  • Easily modified drum size using a moveable stock tail
  • Improve machine productivity using built-in diagnostics
  • Highly reduced thermal fluctuation sensitivity by management of machine heat sources

Processes and Typical Applications

Precitech DRL2000

The DRL2000 drum roll lathe in aciton

Precitech DRL1200

45 degree grooves cut on a 1.4 m drum with the DRL2000 ultra-precision drum roll lathe

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