The Nanoform® 250 Ultragrind Precision Machining System

The Nanoform® 250 ultragrind precision machining system supplied by Precitech is a flood coolant compatible, 2 to 5-axes machine suitable for deterministic freeform grinding, milling and diamond turning applications. This ultra precision freeform machine comes with Precitech’s UPx CNC machine control to deliver a user-friendly interface for optimal output.

The Nanoform® 250 ultragrind is designed for different applications such as mold inserts for molding lenses and glass pressing and glass grinding for aspheric glass lenses.

Key Features

The main features of the Nanoform® 250 Ultragrind Precision Machining System include:

  • QNX real time Operating System with 0.01nm programming resolution
  • Air bearing HS-75 work spindle
  • Air bearing SP-150 work spindle
  • Linear holographic glass scales with 16pm feedback resolution
  • Linear motors coupled to true analog linear amplifiers
  • Fully sealed stainless steel enclosure
  • Oil hydrostatic machine slides
  • Sealed natural granite base provides better long-term machine tool stability
  • Standard design for future capability upgrades
  • On-machine workpiece balancing system
  • FEA optimized double sub-frames for the ultimate in environmental isolation
  • Electrical safety

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