Adaptive Control Technology

Adaptive Control Technology (ACT) is a real-time, closed loop servo system, which demonstrates adaptive learning. ACT is available only with the Ametek Precitech UPX control. ACT performs better than conventional machine tool control methods such as PID.

As a growing “foundation technology” Precitech are going to continue to develop the strengths of ACT.

ACT, also called Adaptive State Control, was first developed in the late 21st century for use in critical military applications, and was later adapted commercially by the disk drive industry. Ametek Precitech is now, for the first time, providing this enabling technology to the machining industry.

Adaptive Control Technology, also known as Adaptive State Control, was developed in the 1970’s for mission-critical military applications. Its first use in the commercial sector occurred in the 1990’s in the disk drive industry. Now Ametek Precitech has deployed this enabling technology for the first time to the machine tool industry.

Key Benefits of Adaptive State Control

Accurate surfaces

  • Active canceling of repetitive errors which are minimized below the system’s noise floor
  • Enhanced form accuracy and surface finish when compared to conventional PID controls, even at rapid speeds

Faster cutting at lower cost

  • Maintenance of control accuracy over widely varying process conditions due to innate insensitivity to system noise
  • Automatic response to changes in geometry and weight to deliver optimum cutting

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