Fast Tool Servo 5000

Fast Tool Servo 5000 (FTS 5000) allows the rapid machining of freeform surfaces such as toric optics, micro-structures for light management, lens arrays, laser collimators and features in contact lens. Cutting using an FTS system can be up to 15 times faster than XZC machining and other servo cutting techniques.

Precitech’s FTS 5000 is the latest innovation in ultra-precision machining. The FTS 5000 is designed to meet the novel requirements of new, modern markets such as virtual reality and head-up-displays.

The FTS 5000 allows the rapid production of high-complexity components, using an unrivaled max acceleration of 40 g’s with 5 mm of travel. Despite this, the FTS 5000 tractor can still be compactly fitted into a package the size of a regular tool holder.

The system can be easily integrated with existing Precitech machining systems.

Key Benefits

  • FastCom III controller makes the system simple and fast to use
  • Parts can be produced 3x faster than the competition with an unparalleled max acceleration of 40 g’s
  • Expand the product portfolio with the ability to travel 5 mm
  • Compact size means space is saved

Key Specifications

Typical performance Surface roughness < 4 nm Sa
Form accuracy < 0.3 μm P-V
Peak acceleration 400 m/sec2 (40 g's)
Continuous acceleration 200 m/sec2 (20 g's)
Travel 5000 μm
Typical acceleration 2000 μm @ 100 Hz
1000 μm @140 Hz
250 μm @ 280 Hz
100 μm @ 440 Hz


FTS 5000 Fast Tool Servo in Action

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