HPR-20 EGA: Compact Bench-Top Gas Analysis System for Evolved Gas Analysis in TGA-MS

The Hiden HPR-20 EGA gas analysis system is capable of handling continuous analysis of evolved gases and vapours from thermogravimetric analysers (TGA).

For most TGA instruments, interface systems are provided. The TGA interface can undertake re-entrant furnace sampling as well, which provides close coupling to the TGA furnace region for optimized evolved gas/vapour analysis.

Customized interfaces are offered for special requirements with alternative units being offered for applications requiring direct sampling from sophisticated thermogravimetric analysers operating at higher pressures to 30bar.

Key Features

The main features of the Hiden HPR-20 EGA gas analysis system are:

  • Heated inlet for non-tailing response to desorbed gases and vapours
  • Improved pumping for light gases
  • Custom, low dead volume interface to specific manufacturers’ TGA systems
  • Improved data acquisition using EGAsoft
  • Mass range option 300 or 510amu
  • Control of ionisation energy parameters for simplification of cracking patterns


The main applications of the Hiden HPR-20 EGA gas analysis system are:

  • Fuel cells
  • Catalysis
  • Thermal Analysis TA/MS
  • Environmental monitoring

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