MAXIM Quadruple SIMS Analyzer from Hiden

The Hiden MAXIM quadruple SIMS analyzer is a system for dynamic and static SNMS and SIMS applications. This analyzer is a state of the art secondary ion mass spectrometer for negative and positive, dynamic, static and neutral analytical applications.

The 30° acceptance angle enables mounting of the MAXIM with its axis parallel to the plane of the sample, leaving a clear view of the sampled area for other ion or light optics. The MAXIM is tolerant of sample charging making it a perfect probe for the analysis of insulators. Also, large acceptance angle allows for wide area imaging.


The key features of the Hiden MAXIM quadruple SIMS analyzer are as follows:

  • Pole diameter: 9 mm
  • Bakeout: 250 °C
  • Mass filter: Triple filter
  • Ion energy filter: 30° angular acceptance
  • Mass range options: 300 amu, 500 amu or 1000 amu
  • Ioniser: Electron bombardment, single filament for SNMS and RGA
  • Detector: Ion counting detector, 107 cps, Positive and Negative ion detection

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