Introducing QGA 2.0 - Next-Generation Gas Analysis

The QGA 2.0 represents a significant leap forward in gas analysis technology. It builds upon the reliable foundation of the original QGA system and introduces substantial improvements for enhanced performance and user-friendliness.

This new version is lighter, more environmentally conscious, and loaded with powerful features.


  • Lightweight: 26% lighter
  • Compact: 42% compact footprint
  • Sustainable: Eco-friendly materials

Enhanced Performance

  • Optimized: For gas and vapor species
  • Intuitive: QGA 2.0 software package
  • Speed: Up to 1000 measurements per second

New Features

  • Advanced: New electronics package
  • Simplified: 1-Button start-up
  • Versatile: Compatible with a selection of inlets


  • Carbon capture
  • Hydrogen analysis
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Fuel cell studies
  • TA-MS
  • Process characterization
  • High-purity gas analysis
  • Fermentation off-gas analysis
  • Gas production and storage
  • Real-time reaction monitoring

Image Credit: Hiden Analytical

Technical Data

Source: Hiden Analytical

. .
Mass ranges: 1-200 / 1-300 amu
Sensitivity: 100% to 100 ppb subject to spectral interference
Speed: Up to 1000 measurements/second
Response time: 300 ms
Software: QGA 2 & MASsoft Professional
Windows compatible
Dimensions: 580 mm x 345 mm x 419 mm
Weight: 29.5 kg – 33.5 kg, depending on the configuration
Interface: Ethernet/USB/serial (RS-232) connections
Gas consumption rate: 16/8/3.2/0.8 sccm (user configurable)
Capillary operting temperature: Up to 200 °C standard/300 °C/350 °C/400 °C/450 °C options
Detector: Dual Faraday/Channeltron Electron Multiplier


Software Package

QGA 2 Gas Analysis Calibration and Quantification PC Software

The system is designed for quantitative analysis of gases and vapors, providing continuous real-time monitoring of up to 32 species. It can accurately measure concentrations ranging from 0.1 ppm to 100%.

Key Software Features

  • Automatic calibration can be carried out with background correction
  • Automatic subtraction of spectral overlaps
  • Quantitative analysis of up to 32 gases could be done
  • Automatic activation of analysis from an external input
  • Around 10 peak spectral library with smart library scan feature
  • The X-axis could display time or an external input, eg, temperature

QGA 2 Software Homescreen

QGA 2 Software home screen. Image Credit: Hiden Analytical

QGA 2 Software Calibration.

QGA 2 Software calibration. Image Credit: Hiden Analytical

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