DLS-20 Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer for Analysis of Hydrogen and Helium Isotopes

Ultra The Hiden DLS-20 QMS from Hiden Analytical is specifically designed to study helium and hydrogen isotopes, and light gases. The quadrupole mass spectrometer comprises of a new Hiden mass filter design for ultra high resolution.

The new mass filter is a micron precision assembly, which uses the finest precision machined components. The pole diameter of the DLS-20 QMS is 20 mm. The power is provided by a high stability, high frequency RF supply.

Key Features

The key features of the DLS-20 QMS are as follows:

  • A 20 mm pole diameter micron precision mass filter in combination with the high frequency, high power RF at low mass range provides an ideal tool for the study of Hydrogen and Helium isotopes
  • 20 mm Rod Mass Filters provide many benefits for the analysis of isotope ratio measurements:
    • Ultra high abundance sensitivity
    • Flat top peaks at unit mass resolution
    • Resolution adjustable from unit mass to 0.005 amu (FWHM)

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