pQA Portable Quadrupole Analyzer for Mass Spectrometry

The pQA Portable Quadrupole Analyzer available from Hiden Analytical has been developed for analyzing gases dissolved in water in mobile laboratories, on boats, and in the field at riverbanks.

The Hiden pQA portable gas analyzer is equipped with a wide array of interchangeable sampling inlets appropriate for an extensive range of applications. The analyzer also includes MIMS inlets for analyzing dissolved species in groundwater, soil samples, fermentation cultures, and applications where it is essential to analyze dissolved species in a liquid sample.

The analyzer is ideal for use in gas analysis applications with small sample volume, and in environmental applications where it is vital to detect low concentration levels.

The mass range of the pQA analyzer is 200 amu, where an optional extended mass range of 300 amu is also available. The portable gas analyzer can perform analysis to sub-parts per billion (ppb) detection levels.

The analyzer is available in a Pelican® case and can be operated by using a 220 V supply for laboratory use, a 12 V supply for field use, or battery- and/or solar power.


  • Environmental monitoring
  • Soil core analysis
  • Groundwater contamination studies
  • Analysis of dissolved species
  • Gas separation studies
  • Analysis of the fermentation process
  • DEMS
  • Fuel cells

The analyzer can be equipped with both circular membrane carrier inlets and dissolved species probe inlets that enable handling a wide range of applications. The inlet probe includes an exclusive membrane that permits the flow of small levels of the dissolved species through it and into a high-precision quadrupole mass spectrometer’s ion source.

A manual isolation valve provided in the analyzer enables the sampling to be controlled. The analyzer is also equipped with a solenoid safety valve that protects the mass spectrometer and vacuum system in the event of membrane failure.

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