CoolCheck 2: DEF and Automated Coolant Analyzer

Cooling systems play an important role in preserving the overall engine heat balance and in protecting engine components against corrosion and other issues. It has been estimated by Machinery Lubrication that 60% of engine downtime in the commercial sector is cooling system related.

CoolCheck from Spectro Scientific provides automated measurement and profiling of coolant condition and diesel exhaust fluids integrity.

The CoolCheck has been updated with the following:

  • Updated to the latest computer technology:
    • Safe power shut down mode
    • More resistant to power failures
    • Enhanced data security
    • Faster computer
  • Additional protection against dirty environments
    • Hard plastic cover to protect sample chamber and optics from contaminants
    • Changeable air filters to protect electronics from debris and dust
    • Cooling fans to stabilize the environmental temperature conditions

The automated coolant and diesel exhaust fluids (DEF) analyzer employs both NIR and UV spectrometers in order to determine the health of the coolant system.

Testing the coolant and maintaining the system at optimum levels will help to prevent:

  • Engine damage from freezing
  • Engine seize-up, boil-over, overheating
  • Damaged seal/coolant leaking into oil
  • Rust build-up, pitting, corrosion

As an additional benefit, CoolCheck tests for accurate DEF levels. An incorrect DEF mixture can also be harmful:

  • Negates emission reduction efforts
  • Reduces engine efficiency

Features and Benefits

The main features and benefits of the CoolCheck are as follows:

Benefits Features
Easy to interpret results for the non-expert
  • Provides corrective advice to avoid failures before they happen.
  • Measured results are also graded >NORMAL > ABNORMAL > SEVERE
Fast and easy to use
  • Designed for use by the non-expert. Load sample and push one button.
  • Performs nine tests in just 45 seconds
  • No hazardous, dangerous chemicals and inaccurate test strips commonly used in manual testing
Identifies common cooling system problems
  • System contamination
  • Depletion of key additives
  • Mixed fluid types
Enable fleet managers to track results
  • LubeTrak allows managers to effectively maintain the health and efficient operation of equipment in a database with easy to use analysis and web-based reporting tools.



CoolCheck delivers the following analysis parameters by fluid type:

  • Coolant Tests
    • Nitrites
    • Freeze point
    • Glycol content (%)
    • Boiling point
    • Color
    • Clarity
    • Coolant type
    • Presence of contamination
  • Diesel Exhaust Fuel Tests
    • % DEF
    • % UREA

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