New Rollers from Dotmar Enhance Load Capacity for Materials Handling Applications

New additions to the Okartek range of roller systems from Dotmar EPP enhance the load capacity, versatility and safety of the internationally proven materials handling technology.

New OkarRoll MTR 120mm multidirectional rollers for heavy loads are complemented by a new Okartek 50mm PVC roller system that assembles easily without specialist tools to produce waterproof gravity conveyor rollers.

OkarRoll MTR 120 rollers feature strong and inexpensive plastic cores which reduce overall costs of an installation while also protecting fingers as loads are manoeuvred on them.

The new larger capacity OkarRoll MTR 120s join the existing 60, 70 and 80mm sizes of the versatile low maintenance system, which is especially suitable for flat-bottomed loads such as sheets and boxes. The unique OkarRoll roller design is based on the use of four free-turning barrel shaped rollers mounted in a 90 degree staggered pattern around the perimeter of a main core wheel, thus allowing for multidirectional roller function.
With a capacity of up to 200kg per duplex of the new 120mm size, OkarRoll rollers are suitable for all industries where material or packages need to be smoothly and easily transferred, sorted, or turned in any direction. Major users include the food, furniture, electronics, glass, metals, packaging, rubber and wooden product industries. Besides being incorporated into sections of conveyor systems, OkarRolls are used on presses and hydraulic tables as well as in packaging and sorting areas, where they form a table top that allows sheets, boxes etc to move/roll freely in any direction.

Fluid movement is produced by a design that permits the entire OkarRoll wheel to rotate about the 14mm stainless steel shaft equipped with ball bearings on which it is mounted. OkarRoll 120mm rollers are light, move easily and highly cost-effective, with their core parts ruggedly constructed from polyacetal to be nearly as strong as rollers with zinc cores.

The MTR multidirectional roller may also be used as a shaft-driven roller with a 14mm hexagonal axle (in which case a plastic hex assembly is inserted into the core). A galvanized axial section is also available for double roller assemblies, the recommended configuration.

Further fluidity and flexibility is provided by the 12 perimeter rollers used in the system, which also allow for perpendicular movement. These 12 perimeter rollers are independent, providing very free movement compared with alternative configurations (such as four barrel-shaped rollers).

OkarRoll’s open construction gives a long service life without maintenance or lubrication and helps prevent problems caused by ingress of dirt or water.

50mm PVC roller system

The new Okartek 50mm PVC roller system, meanwhile, assembles easily without specialist tools to produce waterproof gravity conveyor rollers suitable for applications such as food and primary products.

It comprises polyamide head pieces fitted over 50mm diameter PVC tubing axles, which are supplied in 3m lengths that are cut to the desired length. The head pieces - interference fit on the bore of the 50mm tube - can be simply tapped into position with a rubber hammer. Acetal M8 bearing pins are then fitted to the conveyor frame and locate into blind holes in the head pieces.
The resulting gravity roller is waterproof and suitable for food operations.

Okartek is one of the world renowned materials handling systems for which Dotmar EPP is Australian distributor. The systems strongly complement Dotmar EPPs thermoplastic engineering expertise in important industries (including automotive, beverages, bottling, brewing, canning, food and primary product processing, packaging, manufacturing, mining, OEM conveyor builders and packaging).

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