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Semisouth Win US$1.3m Contracts to Develop SiC Technologies

Semisouth Laboratories announced that they have won 4 contracts to develop silicon carbide technologies from the Missile Defence Agency (MDA) and Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The total value of the contracts equates to more then US$1.3 million.

The first contract sponsored by DARPA and monitored by Wright Patterson Air Force Base involves the development of a thick epitaxy layer of silicon carbon for use in very high voltage products. The aim is to produce epitaxy layers greater then 50 microns which will open up applications such as singe diode/transistor products capable of handling in excess of 5kV.

Other contracts sponsored by MDA, also monitored by Wright Patterson Air Force Base centre around the development of silicon carbide RF transistors (MESFETs and SITs) for use in radars and integrated circuits for space applications. The work will involve implementing new fabrication techniques to yield performance improvements as well as opening up a new class of applications for silicon carbide circuits.

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