Ashland Specialty Chemicals Licence Flexcure Technology to SII for Selected Electronics Applications

Ashalnd Specialty Chemicals Licence Flexcure Technology to SII for Selected Electronics Applications

Ashland Specialty Chemical, a division of Ashland Inc., and Schenectady International, Inc. (SII) have reached an exclusive worldwide licensing agreement that allows SII to manufacture and market Ashland's patented FlexCure™ products for certain electronic markets such as printed circuit boards, optical coatings (including CD/DVD and fiber optics) and industrial metal coatings markets.

Ashland Specialty Chemical announced last year the introduction of FlexCure resins, a patented, innovative self-initiating resin technology. Unlike conventional UV-cured resin systems, this new class of molecules begins curing with little or no photoinitiator. The innovative molecular design flexibility and the improved curing mechanism provide benefits over other resin technologies, including the ability to specifically tailor the desired performance characteristics in the oligomer, and reduce or eliminate negative odor and other impacts linked to photoinitiators.

SII sees major benefit of this technology in its ability to create photo self-initiating oligomers and monomers that will not only minimize or eliminate the need for photo-initiators, but also provide better through-cure and improve other properties of the finished formulations.

This licensing agreement marks the first such agreement for Ashland's FlexCure technology. Ashland developed this technology to support several of its core businesses, including supplying materials for graphic arts, inks, adhesives and specialty coatings, and plans to continue developing and marketing FlexCure products for these markets. However, due to the exceptional flexibility of this technology, more markets can use this process than Ashland currently serves. Therefore, Ashland has chosen to license others who are better positioned to develop these opportunities, while retaining rights in its core business markets.

Ashland is excited about partnering with Schenectady International, Inc. on this effort, as SII has a strong record of success in developing, manufacturing and marketing products to these areas. "We could not have found a better group to work with than Schenectady. We believe that their expertise will ensure that FlexCure technology has a prominent position in the markets", said Marcello Boldrini, Ashland vice president, marketing and business development. "Ashland will continue to seek equally qualified licensing partners for FlexCure technology in other markets not typically served by Ashland businesses."

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