Kanto Chemicals to Distribute NanoIntegris’ Semiconducting Carbon Nanotubes in Japan

NanoIntegris, Inc. announced today that it entered into a distribution contract with Kanto Chemical Co., Inc. NanoIntegris is the world’s only supplier of 99% enriched metallic and semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes.

Research companies and universities are currently using NanoIntegris’ carbon nanotubes to develop emerging technologies such as printable transistors, chemical sensors, and biomedical applications such as imaging and drug delivery. Kanto Chemicals is the market leading specialty electronics materials manufacturer and distributor in Japan.

Mr. Makoto Inose, Deputy General Manger of the Reagent Division commented: “Kanto is an innovation driven company, contributing to the development of future technologies. We are primarily an electronic chemicals company; and we believe carbon nanotubes offer great promise to revolutionize the consumer and industrial electronics industries, from printed electronics in the medium-term to extremely fast microprocessors in the long-term. NanoIntegris’ position as the only supplier of 99% semiconducting carbon nanotubes is quite differentiated, and we see them as a great long-term partner to commercialize the nanoelectronics field.”

Dan Leven, CEO of NanoIntegris provided the following comment on the Japanese nanotechnology landscape: “Over the last year, NanoIntegris broadly grew our market penetration around the globe, and Japan is a primary focus market for three reasons. First, it’s one of the top three markets for nanomaterials. Secondly, Japan is a leader in novel nanoelectronics research with excellent scientists trailblazing the nanoelectronics field. Thirdly, Japan is well positioned to commercialize new technologies through integrated, well-planned university/company/government R&D initiatives. We feel confident knowing we have the support of Kanto to develop this market with Japanese research institutes and R&D companies over the coming years.”

Source: http://www.nanointegris.com/

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