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Leica SR GSD 3D Super-Resolution System Receives Microscopy Today 2014 Innovation Award

Microscopy Today has presented the 2014 Innovation Award to Leica SR GSD 3D, a super-resolution system from Leica Microsystems.

Leica SR GSD 3D super-resolution system. Courtesy of M. Lessard, Jackson Lab, Maine, USA.

The award recognizes the system’s capability to capture 3D super-resolution images. Microscopy Today is the journal of the Microscopy Society of America and every year it honors 10 selected achievements in the microscopy community based on their usefulness and relevance to the community.

Traditional microscope systems cannot resolve most of the sub-cellular structures of interest and provide only limited information. Launched in 2013, the capability to capture 3D super-resolution images makes it possible to acheive 20 nm lateral resolution and 50 nm axial resolution. This paves the way for advanced research in cell biology, which explores the organization and characteristics of sub-cellular structures that exceed the diffraction limit in 3D.

With up to 10x greater resolution, super-resolution microscopes can reveal fine details that were not visible earlier. The Leica SR GSD 3D’s predecessor, Leica SR GSD has increased resolution in the x and y planes, but not in the z plane. This barrier is addressed in the Leica SR GSD 3D through the use of an optical approach based on astigmatism that allows extraction of additional super-resolution data from samples. The system allows accurate mapping of 3D coordinates of single molecules, thanks to its capability of assigning z-coordinates to signals from the molecules.

It proves what a significant enhancement the 3D functionality actually is for researchers. The system enables scientists to study cellular structures in near-natural conditions that are three-dimensional by nature. As the system is easy to use and works with common fluorescent dyes, multi-channel, three-dimensional GSDIM/dSTORM images are available within a few minutes.

Dr. Peter Laskey - Product Manager at Leica Microsystems

This isn't the first time that the Leica SR GSD 3D has been commended for innovation. In 2013 the system was voted third in the top ten of the Year's Best Innovations by the magazine The Scientist. The panel of judges in this case included a number of industry professionals, scientists and business people from non-profit sectors. It was selected from 80 entries as one of the most innovative products of 2013 with the potential to revolutionize life sciences.

Leica Microsystems’ Product Manager, Peter Laskey said the system allows researchers to explore cellular structures that are three-dimensional by nature in their near-natural environment. Meanwhile, this year marks 10 years of Super Resolution Innovation for Leica Microsystems with the slogan "Vive La Résolution!".

Benefits of the Leica SR GSD 3D super-resolution microscope

d from: LeicaMicrosystems - Youtube

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