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Gain Entrance to the Raman World Today – Stay flexible for Emerging Challenges Tomorrow

The new alpha300 access entry-level system from WITec

The newly-developed alpha300 access microscope is an entry-level system for micro-Raman single-spot analysis and Raman mapping that extends WITec’s product portfolio to lower price segments. “It was specifically engineered for budget-conscious customers with high demands on instrument performance.” says Dr. Joachim Koenen, CEO and Head of Sales & Marketing at WITec. Its outstanding spectral quality, optical throughput and signal sensitivity are ensured by the WITec’s renowned optical element design.

The high-quality microscope setup of the access is also the basis for its full upgradability. Whenever needed, access can be easily and quickly adapted to new requirements. Customized solutions for e.g. scan stages, spectrometers, cameras and lasers can be added and even advanced Raman techniques can be integrated.  So over time, with an access microscope as a starting point, one could build up a WITec high-end instrument to conquer the Raman world. With this continuity inherent in our product line, access enables our customers to keep pace with the evolving state of the art.

As with other WITec products, the alpha300 access is fully upgradable and expandable with additional functions. This way our customers stay flexible and are able to keep pace with the evolving state of the art.

Dr. Joachim Koenen, CEO and Head of Sales & Marketing at WITec

Key Features

access to high-performance Raman spectroscopy and spectral Raman mapping

access to high-quality and ultra-precise optical microscopy components

access to exceptional spectral quality provided by the WITec UHTS spectrometer series

access to class-leading capability within challenging budget environments

access to the WITec Raman and imaging know-how

access to the future of Raman spectroscopy through upgradeability

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