PolymersNet and Cyclics Commercialize High Flow Polycarbonate Blend

PolymersNet Co. Ltd. and Cyclics Corporation have announced the first commercial application of CBT® resin modified polycarbonate (PC). CBT resin has been demonstrated as an additive to improve the molding properties of polycarbonate. PC resin, with a worldwide capacity of over 5 billion pounds, is well known as a molding resin for everything from compact disks to a variety of automotive applications. Although PC exhibits a high level of toughness, it can be difficult to mold into very large or very thin walled parts due to its high melt viscosity and limited melt flow. Under most conditions, adding small amounts of CBT resin to PC increases the melt flow 30-50%, or more, while maintaining good mechanical properties.

PolymersNet has now commercialized a high flow PC containing CBT resin in a portable digital memory card application that was formerly made in high heat ABS resin. A Korean electronics manufacturer chose the modified PC because of its impact and heat resistance as well as its ease in accepting pigments. While standard PC is known for these properties, the PolymersNet product also possesses the superior melt flow required to mold a part that is only 0.2 mm thick.

In addition to this commercialized application, CBT resin is currently under evaluation as an additive by PC manufacturers along with selected compounders and molders. Targeted applications include mobile phone interior and exterior components. Adding CBT resin also brings advantages in better dispersion of pigments, additives and reinforcements.

“Adding the CBT resin to PC produced a material with a combination of processing and properties that simply wasn’t available before,” said Justin Jin, CEO of PolymersNet. “I’m seeing interest in everything from electronics to automotive and I am glad we have been able to commercialize the first application so quickly.”

“It was amazing when I first saw the improvement in PC flow,” said John Ciovacco, Vice President of Global Business Development. “What’s even more impressive is that customers are seeing benefits in many other engineering resins such as PC blends, PET, nylons and polyacetal… even in reinforced grades.”

http://www.polymersnet.com and http://www.cyclics.com

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