Tenavolts’ Rechargeable Lithium Battery Launched at CES 2019

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was underway in Las Vegas, USA on January 8. As one of the largest manufacturers of alkaline batteries in Asia, Nanfu has taken part in the CES. Nanfu has introduced three series of new technology products, including wireless portable chargers, alkaline batteries, and Tenavolts’ Rechargeable Lithium Battery, which successfully unsettled the battery sector.

Tenavolts’s new four-battery pack case has been launched at CES 2019 (Photo: Business Wire)

At CES, Nanfu demonstrated to the audience the tremendous performance of the latest Tenavolts’ Rechargeable Lithium Battery by organizing a car race on the spot. Two cars were prepared in the car race; the white car was fitted with a normal Ni-MH rechargeable battery, while the red car was fitted with Tenavolts’ Rechargeable Lithium Battery. The result revealed that the voltage of the white car progressively decreased, while the red car successfully maintained a Constant Voltage state.

Tenavolts’ Rechargeable Lithium Battery’s exceptional performance has successfully attracted the attention of the media and the audience. A reporter for The Geek Church, a US technology media, straightaway wrote and reported on the incident at CES: “It’s always refreshing to see something obvious implemented.”

With the technology of the lithium-ion polymer battery, three-in-one intelligent control chips, and other high technology, Tenavolts’ Rechargeable Lithium Battery can accomplish full 1.5 V full-voltage. Its Constant Voltage will transform people’s life experience, and the performance and experience of battery-based electronic products will be enhanced completely. Besides Constant Voltage state, the lifespan of Tenavolts’ Rechargeable Lithium Battery has realized up to 1,000 recharge cycles. Tenavolts only takes less than two hours to recharge, while other brands need as a minimum three hours and even more than 10 hours. Nanfu has been unceasingly innovating breakthroughs in technology and sustainable development in the future.

Presently, Tenavolts has introduced a new four-battery pack case in the United States, and it can be purchased on Amazon.

In the future, Nanfu will continue to offer consumers with more offline experience chances through platforms such as CES, to timely understand and gather user opinions, and to prepare for better service.

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