MB3000 FT-IR Laboratory Analyzer

The MB3000 FT-IR Laboratory Analyzer is a versatile and reliable instrument available in the market. It is very easy to maintain and operate. It is suitable for processing, acquiring, and analyzing the samples when it is used with the intuitive Horizon MB™ FTIR software.

This software is available with export and import options, and can be used for managing various spectral formats in the native form. The MB3000 may provide constant analysis results for many years. It occupies less space due to its vertical, space-efficient design. The internal components of the analyzer can be easily accessed.

The analyzer can be used for replacing the HeNe LASER with a solid state laser. Fixed components present in the MB3000 are prevented from being damaged. It avoids the need of purging for protecting optics as all optics are non-hygroscopic. It is a product of 35 years of research in the academic, aerospace, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, and chemical industries.

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Demonstration video - MB3000 FTIR Analyzer

ABB MB3000 Fourier Transform Infrared Analysis System

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