MB3600-CH20 Chemicals Laboratory Analyzer

The MB3600-CH20 is a near-infrared spectrometer which is suitable for rapid qualitative and quantitative analysis of chemical samples including powders, gels, liquids, and pellets. It is a cost-effective alternative to traditional lengthy laboratory methods. Users without having any analytical background can operate this instrument. This accurate and easy-to-use analyzer can be used for identifying Hydroxyl Value (HOval) in polyether and polyester polyols, glycols, pentaerythritol, fatty alcohols, and related chemistries. It is regarded as a most powerful method-development platform for applications involved in replacing other slow functional-group analytical procedures. It is useful for developing custom analytical methods which is suitable for various types of sample including polyethylene or polypropylene glycols, polyester and polyether polyols, or polypropylene glycols and amine derivatives. Hydroxyl Value and similar analyses such as moisture or EO/PO ratio, acid number can be simplified by using this instrument. Disposable vials are used for performing analysis. It avoids the need of cleaning the sample cells.

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