Versatile and Mobile Liquid Aluminum Cleanliness Analyzer LiMCA III

The LiMCA III is a versatile and mobile aluminum quality analyzer that can be used to sample at multiple locations along the casting lines of most casthouses.

The LiMCA system provides real-time total density and granulometric information on the inclusion content of aluminum melts, based on a user-independent and objective method. It is suitable for applications in quality assurance, process control and process development.

The total concentration and size distribution are displayed in real time on the computer screen.

It is easy to determine the impact of furnace preparation, feedstock mix, settling time, alloying practice, and similar parameters on melt cleanliness. The effects of routine casting practices (metal level control, turbulence in the metal distributor) are directly observed as they take place.


The proven LiMCA measurement principle, which is the industry benchmark for measuring non-metallic solid inclusions in molten aluminum, is used by the LiMCA III.

The LiMCA system can be used under harsh industrial production conditions in order to provide an accurate indicator for the metal cleanliness of aluminum alloys.

The LiMCA III has a lighter measuring head with more flexible and versatile positioning in molten metal than earlier LiMCA analyzers. Its lower center of gravity makes it more easy and stable to maneuver.

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