MB-Rx In-Situ Reaction Monitor

The MB-Rx In-Situ Reaction Monitor is a plug-and-play solution which is suitable for use in pilot plants and laboratories. It consists of an intuitive software interface and a rugged insertion probe for enabling the chemists to directly access the experiment data.

It has high reliability and analytical performance, does not require any maintenance. It monitors reactions of various processes involved in biotechnology and chemical applications.

A fast and efficient method is required for measuring the formation of products and by-products and the consumption of reactants so as to optimize the industrial process in a short time. It avoids the need of desiccant cartridges.

The MB-Rx is operated with a room-temperature detector so as to avoid the regular refurbishment constraints associated with stirling cooled detectors and also to prevent the users from being worried about the supply of nitrogen to cryogenically cooled detectors.

New experiment templates can be quickly organized due to the ergonomic software interface. It has a light source which has a service life of about 10 years.

Fibre coupling’s efficiency can be optimized, and maximum throughput for ATR applications can be achieved by the MB-Rx pre-aligned fibre-optic interface. The MB-Rx has good signal-to-noise performance.

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