MB3600 FT-NIR Laboratory Analyzer for QA/QC

MB3600 FT-NIR Laboratory Analyzer is the most reliable and versatile instrument available in the market for performing QA or QC. It has high robustness due to its double-pivot interferometer’s innovative design.

Dynamic alignment is not required as all the optics are permanently aligned. It is easy to maintain and use, and may provide constant analysis results for several years. It provides low cost of ownership, high reliability and performance, and consistent results for a long period of time due to the presence of HORIZON MB™ FTIR software.

MB3600 is used for replacing the HeNe LASER is replaced by a solid state laser, and is provided with a highly accurate internal wavelength calibration standard. Small spectral features of optional high sensitivity InAs or InGaAs detectors can be determined as 100% line spectral repeatability is obtained.

Stable and accurate line shape, and high wavelength and resolution stability can be achieved as the optics are permanently aligned with a Jacquinot stop in the interferometer output beam. The components of the MB3600 do not wear out. The MB3600 has a service life of about 10 years.

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