The MB3600-CH30 is an FT-NIR Laboratory Analyzer which is suitable for biodiesel applications. It is also suitable for product quality assessment and production optimization. It is designed for method preparation and calibration modeling. Fourier Transform Near-Infrared (FT-NIR) spectroscopy is used for analyzing the biodiesel samples. It also has an ability to determine residual methanol, methyl ester %, mono-di- and tri-glyceride content, and other quality parameters in biodiesel for finished product screening and end-point determination in biodiesel reactors. It comprises software, hardware, and other accessories for developing the chemometrics method and also for biodiesel measurement. Analysis can be performed by using disposable glass sample vials. A heatable vial holder performs transmission analysis for accurately analyzing waxes and liquids. This accurate and easy-to-use analyzer can be used for determining mid-batch biodiesel samples from vegetable oil transesterification reactors, and biodiesel properties in final product.

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