FT-NIR Solids Analyzer - MB3600-CH40

The MB3600-CH40 solids analyzer is designed to perform rapid and accurate determination of key physico-chemical attributes of raw materials, in-process or finished products in solid form. It offers specialty and fine chemical companies a fast and non-destructive alternative to compendia QA/QC analytical methods that are normally slow, expensive and complex.

The MB3600-CH40 is especially adapted to agrochemical suppliers who need to safely and effectively use their crop protection formulations while ensuring protection of workers, end-users and environment.

It is also a suitable tool for fertilizer producers who have to characterize their raw materials and develop predictive indicators for transformation dynamics and fertilization value of organic matter.

Key Features

The key features of the MB3600-CH40 are:

  • Patented double pivot high throughput Michelson interferometer, fully jacketed
  • Optical path fully purgeable
  • Source: quartz halogen with electronic stabilization
  • Metrology: solid-state laser
  • Detector module with integrated cooling: extended-InGaAs
  • Open sample compartment configuration

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