FTPA2000-260PH FT-NIR Process Multi-Point Analyzer

The FTPA2000-260PH FT-NIR Process Multi-Point Analyzer is suitable for monitoring batch and continuous process in life sciences and pharmaceutical industries. It is certified for hazardous area, and is highly versatile. It can be placed in a cabinet or in a general area. It develops methods for monitoring product Critical Quality Attributes (CQAs). In manufacturing environment, it is used for implementing process analytical technology (PAT). It consists of a multi-detector module, and includes ample throughput for illuminating multiple fiber optic bundles at the same time.

Key Features

The key features of the FTPA2000-260PH FT-NIR Process Multi-Point Analyzer are:

  • Flexible sampling (cells/probes, reflection/transmission)
  • Multi-channel capability
  • It can simultaneously monitor several properties
  • ABB process control software FTSW is used for performing automated operations
  • Fiber optics can be used for performing remote analysis
  • Real-time connectivity to plant IT and control systems (OPC, Modbus or 4-20mA)
  • All accessories can be used in EX-rated environment
  • Protection of electronic records as per FDA’s CFR21 P11 requirements

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