MB3600-CH10 Oleochemicals Laboratory Analyzer

MB3600-CH10 Oleochemicals Laboratory Analyzer is suitable for Oleochemicals applications. Oil and fat products can be analyzed by using Fourier Transform Near-Infrared (FT-NIR) spectroscopy.

The MB3600-CH10 is pre-calibrated for iodine value and %Trans. A global calibration is used by the IV determination in accordance with the -approved standard procedure Cd 1e_01. An official AOCS-supervised round robin test is performed for determining the reliability and accuracy of the FT-NIR based method.

The MB3600-CH10 consists of a heatable vial holder which performs transmission analysis for analyzing waxes and liquids accurately. Disposable vials are used for performing the analysis. It avoids the need of cleaning the sample cells.

QA data for degradation parameters and oil quality can be acquired using the custom calibration models. The development of these models can be simplified by the MB3600-CH10, thus ensuring that the analyzer can be used for various process streams and properties.

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