Polyols and Derivatives Analysis - MB3600-CH70

The new MBB3600-CH70 Polyol Analyzer is suitable for research and development and QA/QC applications on polyols and derivatives. This analyzer is based on ABB’s high performance industrial FT-NIR spectrometer, which is maintenance-free and enables fast determination of several quality properties in liquid chemicals.

The MB3600-CH70 is a true turnkey solution that is ready-to-use right from the start.

Key Features and Benefits

The key features of the MB3600-CH70 are:

  • Bench top FT-NIR analyzer for polyols and derivatives
  • Designed for laboratory QA/QC, at-line process monitoring and verification
  • Universal heatable sampling accessory for disposable vials
  • Does not require reagents or solvents
  • Turnkey calibrations for OH value analysis
  • Enables additional multi-property analysis (acid number, isocyanate content, moisture, TDI isomer ratio, unsaturation)
  • Rugged and simple software interface, state of the art analytical performance
  • Low cost of ownership (10 years maintenance-free), minimal footprint
  • Transferability of calibrations to other ABB laboratory and process analyzers
  • Non-hygroscopic ZnSe optics, innovative metrology design
  • Rugged aluminum casting, starter OH value calibration models for 9 polyols families + 1 generic
  • Fast and accurate analysis as alternative to wet laboratory techniques.

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