Torsion Strength Tester - Zwicki-Line with Torsion Drive 2 to 20 Nm by Zwick

Torsion drives can be installed in zwicki-Line materials testing machines such as the Materials testing machine zwicki-Line Z2.5 TX or Z5.0 TX to carry out single and multi-axial loading tests (tensile or compression combined with torsion) during materials and component testing.

The systems feature:

  • Modular design allows torsion drive retrofitting at any time.
  • Torsion drive can be mounted on the moving crosshead (optionally on top crosshead).
  • The torque cells can be combined with a load cell (tensile and compression), which must be capable of accepting the torque involved.
  • Both test axes can be synchronized via the software.
  • High-resolution twist angle measurement allows excellent repeat accuracy.
  • Uses testControl measurement and control electronics.

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