The HA Series: 50 to 500kN from Zwick

The HA Series from Zwick is a line of classical servo-hydraulic testing machines mounted with a testing actuator in the lower crosshead. They are specially designed to determine properties of materials when subjected to cyclic loading, for instance Low Cycle Fatigue and fracture mechanics. DIN 50100 describes the general fatigue test. Fatigue tests on concrete-reinforcing steel are described in EN 15630, whereas fatigue tests on metals are described in ASTM E466.

Key Features

The following are the key features of the HA Series:

  • HA Series is ideally suited for high-temperature testing
  • Different versions of HA servo-hydraulic testing machines are available with a test load range of 50-500kN
  • Standard testing actuator stroke of 100 or 250 mm
  • Load cell is connected to upper crosshead as standard
  • Test frame exhibits natural resonance and very high stiffness
  • Can be supplied for 210 or 280 bar system pressure
  • Adjustable upper crosshead with optional hydraulic crosshead clamping and lift cylinders
  • Avoids unnecessary flexural stress in the sample, thanks to highly accurate load frame alignment
  • It is possible to customize the testing system as per the individual requirements of customers, for instance, extensometers, test fixtures, specimen grips or testing software

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