Drop Weight Testers up to 230 Joules

The HIT230F drop weight tester was developed in close partnership with Zwick’s customers. This allows the drop weight tester to satisfy all relevant requirements from the fields of research and development and quality assurance. The HIT230F is offered in two versions:

  • HIT230F drop weight tester for plastics
  • HIT230F drop weight tester – pre-damaging fiber composites for CAI tests

The two tests cannot be combined.

Key Advantages and Features

The HIT230F drop weight tester is perfectly equipped for conducting multiaxial impact tests on plastics. The range of application comprises material characterization of standard specimens in agreement with proven research and development and quality assurance standards.

  • Tests can be done over a broad temperature range without having to install an expensive temperature chamber in the test frame
  • The innovative design of the whole force measurement chain results in low noise measurement data. This allows a consistent determination of the materials characteristics to be attained from the force deformation curve.
  • High measured-value acquisition-rate (4 MHz) integrated with high (16-bit) resolution
  • Safety device plus operator-friendly specimen clamping for high specimen throughput

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