Modernizing Electromechanical Static Testing Machines

Upgrading to modern technology restores spare-part availability, maintains compatibility with current Windows operating systems and enables the testing machine to be equipped from the current accessory range, making it future-proof in use.

  • over 20 years' experience in modernizing materials testing machines
  • warranty for newly installed components, as with new machines
  • renewed long-term service and support
  • rapid assistance via Hotline and in the event of repairs
  • testControl II measurement and control electronics satisfy the most demanding safety requirements
  • enables validation of the testing machine in accordance with the latest quality standards
  • intelligent testXpert III testing software
  • re-use of expensive components such as extensometers and specimen grips
  • existing load cells converted and re-calibrated

Electromechanical Static Testing Machines

zwicki Z1.0/TH, 1 kN - Modernized with powerful testControl II measurement and control electronics
Instron 4204, 50 kN - Manufacturer-independent modernization packages provide maximum flexibility
UTS 200.4, 200 kN - Even large machines can be modernized without difficulty using testControl II for high-capacity testing machines
Shimadzu Autograph, 100 kN - ZwickRoell uses the same components for modernizations as for a new machine, such as a new AC motor or testControl II electronics
ZwickRoell 1494, 600 kN - The powerful 9 kW testControl II electronics for modernized testing machines from 400 kN feature impressive accuracy.
Tinius Olsen H300KU, 300 kN - ZwickRoell's innovative testControl II and testXpert II technology used in the modernization of Tinius Olsen testing machines
Wolpert SF1288, 100 kN - The manufacturer-independent modernization package also allows Wolpert testing machines made by Wolpert to be converted to ZwickRoell testing technology.
ZwickRoell Z100/TL, 100 kN - Even testing machines with aluminum load-frame profiles can be modernized without difficulty.

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