Universal Hardness Testing Machine - ZHU topLine from Zwick

Zwick's state-of-the-art universal hardness testing machines use innovative electromechanical technology for high precision testing in a wide range of applications, particularly for quality assurance, production-line testing and in the laboratory.

Zwick’s three ZHU topLine hardness testing machines, ZHU250top (1 - 250 kgf / 9.8 - 2452.5 N), ZHU750top (3 - 750 kgf / 29.4 - 7357.5 N) and ZHU3000top (20 - 3000 kgf / 196.2 - 29430 N) are based on innovative optical zoom technology, eliminating the need for frequent lens changes. The closed loop/load cell application technology provides solutions for both optical and depth measurement testing in accordance with recognized testing methods.

Operators quickly become familiar with the intuitive, easy-to-use operating system. Test sequences can be configured individually and are easily saved or loaded. In addition to manual indentation measurement, ready-integrated fully automatic image analysis is optionally available, providing intelligent, high-precision indentation measurement and reducing operator influence to a minimum.

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