Zwick’s ‘roboTest F' Robotic Testing System

Zwick has designed the 'roboTest F' (Clamp) robotic testing system for non-rigid samples such as non-wovens, textiles, foils and films. It is also possible to test plastic and metallic samples wires using the appropriate sample grips.

Key Advantages

The key advantages of the roboTest F system are as follows:

  • It is possible to test samples of weight up to 500g
  • Integration into materials testing machines ranging from 5 to 250kN is possible
  • Comprises a traveling axis and a carousel with up to 200 sample holders
  • A range of sample holders, including magnets, clamps, metal clips, are available
  • It is possible to perform manual tests based upon requirement by swinging the sample feeder out of the way for access
  • The carousel can be equipped with a variety of sample holders based on requirement, thanks to freely positionable servo axes
  • The magazine can hold many different specimens, including mild steel, carbon-fiber or thin metal wires, textiles, non-rigid films/foils and metallic specimens
  • Optional accessories include HOST connection
  • Control is through an industrial controller equipped with autoEdition2 automation software

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