Zwick’s HB series: 50 to 2500kN

HB servo-hydraulic testing machines from Zwick consist of a testing actuator installed on the upper crosshead. This feature makes the machines highly versatile. The integration of the optional T-slotted platform allows the machines to perform component testing, flexure tests, as well as standard fatigue tests. HB-T machine is a version consisting of an additional torsion actuator for combined compression, tensile and torsion loading.

Key Advantages

The following are the key advantages of the HB servo-hydraulic testing machines:

  • Different versions of the HB servo-hydraulic testing machines are available with a test load range of 50-2500kN
  • Can be supplied for 210 or 280 bar system pressure
  • Standard testing actuator stroke of 100, 250 or 400 mm
  • Based on requirement, it is possible to connect the load cell to the lower crosshead or piston rod
  • Adjustable upper crosshead with optional hydraulic crosshead clamping and lift cylinders
  • Test frame exhibits natural resonance and very high stiffness
  • Avoids unnecessary flexural stress in the sample, thanks to highly accurate load frame alignment
  • It is possible to customize the testing system as per the individual requirements of customers, for instance, extensometers, test fixtures, sample grips or testing software

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