Zwick’s AllroundLine System

AllroundLine System offered by Zwick is ideally suited for all fields of applications. The combination of a proven operating concept and flexible, modular load-frame design provides an optimal solution for challenging testing applications, including research projects and quality-control testing.

Zwick develops and manufactures AllroundLine that includes all electronic, software and mechanical components as well as a host of accessories at its production facility located in Germany. This facilitates optimum matching of all components.

Key Features

The following are the key features of the AllroundLine System:

  • With a test-area height range of 1829-2560mm, AllroundLine is offered with a test speed range of 0.00005-3000mm/min.
  • Speed of the testing machine is independent of test load
  • Available for test loads up to 250kN
  • It is possible to operate AllroundLine with standard commercial PCs or laptops and no special expansion cards
  • It is possible to use the high test-speed range without any restriction
  • Test loads of up to 110% of machine nominal load are allowable to offset heavy test fixtures and accessories
  • Two test areas avoids the acquisition of a second testing machine
  • Mechanical modularity enables performing a host of tests on the same testing machine
  • Xforce load cells provide unprecedented accuracy and exhibit high resistance to parasitic influences
  • Modern load-frame design
  • Innovative testControl II electronics
  • Powerful AC drive technology
  • High stiffness
  • Highly convenient operation thanks to adjustable ergonomic design

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