Zwick’s HTM High-Speed Testing Machines from 25 to 160kN

The loading rate is one of the factors influencing the fracture behavior of most materials. Constitutive equations and relevant data are required for numerical calculation of crash safety. The HTM servo-hydraulic high-speed testing machines from Zwick enable determining strain-rate-dependent characteristic values over a broad range of speeds.

HTM testing machines are a complete system consisting of all components, including the test frame with safety housing and high-speed testing actuator, hydraulic power pack, fast measurement and control electronics with matched and integrated PC and evaluation software.

Key Features

The key features of the HTM servo-hydraulic high-speed testing machines are as follows:

  • Different versions are available with a test load of 25, 50, 80 or 160kN
  • Can be supplied for 280 bar system pressure
  • A wide speed range from very slow to maximum with an optimum piston speed of 20m/sec
  • Designed to perform tests, including shear, peel, high-speed tensile and puncture
  • It is also possible to perform tests on components using the optional T-slotted platform
  • The combination of testControl measurement and control electronics and testXpert® II testing software facilitates extensive test result validation, data management and report creation

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