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Freudenberg Acquire US Release Agent Manufacturer and Forms New Division

Tosoh Take an 80% Stake in Philippines PVC Manufacturer

Nano-Tex License Stain Resisting Nanotechnology to Avondale Mills

Cabot to Partner in Production and Marketing of Nanogel Filled Skylights

Corning Launches Fibre for High Power Lasers

Konarka License DuPont IP to Develop Organic Polymer-Based Solar Cells

Atofina Release New Grade of Conductive Polyamide 11 for Automotive Fuel Systems

Kobe Steel and Mitsubishi Materials Merge Copper Tube Operations

Clariant to Axe 4000 Jobs in restructure

China is Building the World’s Biggest Silicon Carbide Base

Xstrata and SA Chrome Form Chrome/Ferrochrome Shared Venture

Dofasco to Produce Polymer Laminated Sheet Metal Under New Arrangement

BASF/Toray JV to Manufacture Polybutylene Terephthalate in Malaysia

Goodrich to Supply Wheels and Carbon Brakes to Jetstar, A Qantas Subsidiary

US Skating Champion Makes a Return with Ceramic Hips

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