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PPG to Close 2 Plants and Lose 1000 Jobs

Formosa Acquires Borden Chemicals PVC Plant

£6.3 Million First Round Funding for Plastic Electronic Technology

Akzo Nobel Acquire Marine and Aerospace Coatings Divisions of NOF Corp

Frederick Cooper Sell US Coatings Subsidiary

Hydro Open Aluminium Recycling Plant in Spain

Commercial Production of Superconducting Wires a Step Closer

NanoOpto Secure Additional Venture Capital to Develop Optical Networking

Sabic to Acquire DSM Petrochemicals

AZoM Listed in's Top 5

Nippon Steel, Arcelor and Tata Steel in Joint Automotive Steel Agreement

Eastman Chemicals to Close Altovar Ltd

Oxonica Patents Nanotechnology Production Process

US Steel to Sell Mining Assets

New Environmentally Friendly Teflon Production Process

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