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Solvay and Kobe Steel Join Forces to Recycle PVC

Bemis to Acquire DuPont's Clysar Businesses

New Composites Testing Facility

Joint Venture to Manufacture PVC Water Pipe in China

Altair Successfully Tests Nanotech Fuel Cells

Martin Marietta Materials Acquire and Divest Quarries

BNL to Establish Nanomaterials Science Research Centre

IBM Uses Nanotechnology to Push the Bounds of Data Storage

Kobe Steel to Licence Titanium Alloy to Timet

Belarus to Privitise Part of its Petrochemical Industry

Oxonica Secure $6million in VC Funding

BAE Systems Interested in Acquiring TRW

Slater Steel to Buy Idled Austeel Plant

Insight into Conductors and Insulators

Atofina Inaugurates New Polypropylene Production Unit

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