Goodfellow Offer Over 200 Metals and Materials in Powder Form

Goodfellow offers more than 200 metals and materials in powder form for use by researchers and design engineers. Particle sizes range from 0.08 microns (e.g.,palladium) to 850 microns (e.g., iridium). In addition to pure metals, alloys, ceramics, polymers, and compounds, a number of custom-made alloys are available in powder form. Various techniques can be employed for the manufacture of these materials, the composition of which can often be specified to meet individual requirements.

Applications for powders are wide-ranging, with benefits derived from the form as well as the general properties of the specific material. For example, the large surface area to volume ratio makes certain metal powders excellent for use as catalysts. Fine powder of certain materials is also easy to dissolve in a solvent for casting thin films. In addition, powders can be used to produce porous structures by sintering. Goodfellow technical specialists are available to discuss the full range of applications or answer specific questions; they can be reached at [email protected].

For more than 40 years, the Goodfellow name has been synonymous with small quantities of high-quality metals, polymers, ceramics and other materials that meet the research, development, and specialised production requirements of science and industry worldwide. Goodfellow Cambridge Ltd. is part of the Goodfellow Group of Companies, which also includes The Technical Glass Company (UK), Goodfellow Corporation, Goodfellow SARL, Goodfellow GmbH, and the Shanghai Representative Office of Goodfellow Cambridge Ltd.

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