Arkema Expands New Ultra-Flexible PA-Based Material Grade

Arkema, a chemical producer in France, has extended its range of Rilsan HT (high temperature) by introducing an ultra-flexible grade, which has flexibility similar to polyamide extrusion grades. Rilsan HT is the first flexible material, based on polyphthalamide (PPA) that can be used as a replacement for metal, used in applications of high-temperature tubing.

The company is offering new opportunities for fluorinated polymers or rubber in tubing assemblies as cheap alternatives to metals, using this innovative ultra-flexible technology. Rilsan HT, containing renewable carbon content up to 70%, helps achieve the objective of adopting eco-friendly sustainable solutions in several industries.

The flexible Rilsan HT grade together with an 820 MPa modulus marks an important change in the phase. As this Rilsan HT is the new member in the family, it currently shifted the modulus boundaries close to 500 MPa.

The optimum properties of normal semi-aromatic PPA materials and long-chain aliphatic Rilsan PA11 are provided by the new ultra-flexible grade. The PA11’s flexibility is combined with the high-temperature resistance of the PPA grades, using the innovative technology.

Rilsan HT offer resistance to chemical aging and thermo-oxidation at high temperature, cold impact properties and low moisture uptake, when compared to the other traditional PPA-based resins and high-temperature thermoplastics. This product has improved thermal resistance, additional expansion of service time at a given temperature, and increase in service temperature for a known service time by up to 10°C.

The performance spectrum of Rilsan HT will suit a range of automotive applications. Rilsan HT is a commercial lightweight alternative product to rubber or metal tubing assemblies in several under-the-hood applications like air intake, blow-by, oil transport and vacuum management.

The ultra-flexible PPA grade is ideally suitable for elastomers or fluoropolymers. Rilsan HT significantly decreases the part and cost of system costs.



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