Stuart Energy and Hamilton Sundstrand Unveil Prototype Hydrogen Refueling Station

Stuart Energy Systems and Hamilton Sundstrand Space Systems International have unveiled a jointly developed prototype hydrogen fueling system. The prototype was shown to at the Electric Transportation Industry Conference, being held in Florida.

The system uses water and electricity to produce pure hydrogen for vehicle fuel and power applications. The prototype is said to be suited to future hydrogen re-fuelling stations for automotive purposes.

Together, Stuart Energy and Hamilton aim to demonstrate that they can produce hydrogen using renewable energy sources, as well as creating a pollution free fuel source.

The technology used in the prototype is based on Hamilton’s proton exchange membrane (PEM) water electrolysis technology. Stuart have successfully integrated this technology into a fully packaged system.

The technology is the same as that which will be employed by NASA for oxygen generation on the International Space Station and features a modular build strategy, integrated hydrogen dispenser, compact design and newly developed packaging.

For more information on proton exchange membranes, click here.

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