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World Scientific's New Book Provides Comprehensive Overview of Flexible Electronics, New Material Development

Remember the Minority Report acted by Tom Cruise some years ago? Well, the possibilities of what we have seen is now coming to past as the power of bending devices, is now made available through flexible electronics.

This image shows Flexible Electronics: From Materials to Devices. Credit:World Scientific, 2016

Published by World Scientific, "Flexible Electronics: From Materials to Devices", provides a comprehensive overview of the recent development of flexible electronics. This fast evolving research field has seen tremendous progress been made in the past decade, and with the likes of hi-tech devices seen in futuristic movies, it is now a possibility.

The book introduces new material development and novel flexible device, circuit design, fabrication and characterizations. Particularly, recent progress of nanomaterials, including carbon nanotubes, graphene, semiconductor nanowires, nanofibers, for flexible electronic applications, assembly of nanomaterials for large scale device and circuitry, flexible energy devices, such as solar cells and batteries, amongst other cutting edge research will be covered. Readers will also be able to explore key advantages and challenges of flexible electronics both from material and device perspectives, as well as identify future directions of the field.


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